Bento #2

Bento #2

Bento #2

Bento #2 is, by far, my worst bento to date. I still hadn’t gone shopping and had very little  to work with. It was my own fault of course, which doesn’t make me feel any better. Aaron still liked it though, he is so sweet. He loved his first day of school and couldn’t wait to get out of the door to go back. I’m happy that he enjoys school but I do miss him a lot, it’s not the same being home alone with just his little sister, Ellie. She is 1 and cannot talk yet so she is not very good company.

So, for this atrocious bento I filled the right hand section with rice and drew a heart on with a food coloring marker. In the larger left hand section I put the rest of his lunch. On the far right I interspaced crackers with cheese cubes and pieces of cantaloupe. Then I cut up some cucumber and put it in a row at the bottom left hand corner. In the top left hand corner is a boiled egg that I put into an egg shaper. It turned out well, it looks like a little car. I filled in the gaps with some more cantaloupe. There is entirely too much green and it definitely could have been better. On the plus side it inspired me to do better next time.


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