Bento #5

Bento #5

Bento #5

For this bento I had it in my head that I wanted to do a sphere theme. I wanted to made a bento in which everything was circular and it didn’t turn out at all like I wanted it to. I think my problem with this bento was organization, if I’d gotten up a little earlier and made time to put everything in a more pleasing order and to fill in the gaps with some decorative cabbage then I feel it would have looked much better. I will remember this next time and try again! What I really liked about this bento is that I go to use my new seaweed punch to make the rice balls face and, if you look closely, the imprints on the quails eggs turned out really well. The teddy bear quails egg is definitely my favorite.

In the top section of this bento I have 3 little rice balls (I feel like I missed a great change not making them 3 little pigs, I’ll have to do a bento like that soon!)  I wrapped two in seaweed and left the middle one plain to make a nice pattern. I used my seaweed punch to make the face for the middle rice ball and the other two I just cut out some cheese for faces, I used little bits of seaweed for the pupils of the one on the right but didn’t have room  to do the same for the one on the left. There was a big space behind them that made it look rather bad so I put in a couple of pieces of leftover Kimbap to add a nice little background.

For the disgraceful bottom section I overused my bento cups, in the green one are blueberries,  in the yellow are Korean rice cakes, like Japanese mocha but I’m not sure what it’s called in Korea, unfortunately. In the pink are the quails eggs with cute imprints and in the orange are miniature malted milk balls. I put in some cherry tomatoes to fill in the big gap.


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