Bento #6

Bento #6

Bento #6


I quite liked this bento, it’s very simple but I think it ended up very pretty.  I do wish that I could find some proper bento grass instead of just using cabbage all of the time. My son liked it really well too because of the stars, he is trying very hard to get enough good behavior “super stars” at school to go to the class treasure chest for a prize. He is also making a real effort to keep his class star on green everyday instead of having it flipped to yellow or red because of bad behavior. He is having a little trouble at school, he pushes and gets overly physical with his classmates. We are all working hard with his teacher and he very much wants to improve, he is trying his best. He doesn’t want to be a “bad guy” that hurts people, it upsets him to think that he might be so he is trying his best to get over his anger and frustration issues.

Anyway, on the left of this bento you have a simple ham and cheese sandwich on a bed of cabbage, I used one of my vegetable cutters to cut out a little star in the bread. There was a lot of space left over so I moved the sandwich to the bottom and put a cherry tomato in the top, left corner with one of my cute new bento pics stuck in. I put in a little pink piggy for the ham sandwich but also because I have been working on my color harmony a lot lately and pink tied in nicely with the overall green, orange, white, pink color scheme. In the right hand corner I put some shredded carrot for the same reason, there was an open space and it fit nicely with the color scheme.

In the right section of this bento at the bottom I have cucumber and carrot flowers and stars. I used the green bento cup for the carrot and the orange one for the cucumber and I think it looks a lot more interesting than if I’d just filled the bento container. In the top right section I have a pink bento cup filled with blueberries. I used the cup so that the blueberries stood out a little from  the blue of the bento box, it created a bit of a border. I used another one of my cute bento pics, a little white and pink bunny rabbit and I used the bread star that I’d cut from the sandwich as well. On the top left hand side I have a very nice Korean rice cake that I picked up at the store, it was so pretty that I actually built the entire bento around it. It fit perfectly into the bento compartment as well, which was a plus.


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