Bento #7: Starry Night or My failed attempt at being artistic.

Starry Night as Bento

Starry Night as Bento        


The original that I massacred.

The original that I massacred.

I am not artistic, at all. That being said I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest and, having just watched the Van Gogh episode with my Doctor Who loving son, I thought I’d give it a try. I failed pretty hard so I think this is probably my last attempt at actual bento “art.” It didn’t help that even my biggest container was far to small and squished for what I’d originally planned to do.

At the very top you have spaghetti noodles that I dyed blue and yellow respectively and tried to swirl in a way that was similar to the painting. I used half of a boiled egg for the moon and American cheese cut into stars with my vegetable cutter. I used seaweed for the mountain and a chunky tomato sauce for the hills. I used chopped ham at the very bottom for the  fields and village and threw in some baby carrots for the larger houses. My son mixed it all together before eating and it made a pretty tasty cold pasta. In the smaller section I cut up an apple and used it to fill up space around my favorite part of the bento, a chocolate I found at E-Mart with Van Gogh’s self portrait on it.

So, I do not plan to do anything like this again, I think I’ll just stick to making things look cute in general.


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