Bento #11

I uh...meant for it to be simple?

I uh…meant for it to be simple?


This bento was thrown together in less than 5 minutes, I woke up 15 min before it was time for Aaron to leave for school so while he got ready I made the fastest bento ever. In the bottom section is my emergency instant rice (microwave for three and a half minutes, yay!) and a baby bell cheese in the center. In the top left section there are apple slices and in the top right section there are baby carrots. Not the best bento but definitely not as bad as it could have been!

After a while of red stars Aaron’s behavior has improved dramatically, thanks largely to his teacher being willing to work with us to adjust his behavior .It helps a lot that he genuinely wants to improve and be a good student. Today was actually the first red star he has gotten in nearly two weeks, he stepped on a boy during circle time. I guess he is having a really bad day because we had a playdate at the playground after school and he punched a classmate! So now he is grounded and the rest of his day consists of nap time, homework and chores. He used to be such a gentle child but since he started school his aggression has gone up ten fold. Hopefully he will continue to improve.


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