Bento #12


Sorry it’s been so long! My computer was having trouble but on the plus side, I have a back log of bento’s to upload!

For this bento I used my veggie cutter to cut out cucumber flowers and I threw in one peach flower as well on the left hand sided. I also sliced some peaches and put a cucumber flower in with them to tie it all together. For the right section I fried an egg in a flower shape (though I’m not sure you can tell against the background of white rice) and cut a hotdog in half almost all of the way through, I left a little bit attached at the end. Then I bent it over to make a heart shape and used one of my bento picks to hold the loose ends together.

This is a super easy bento that only takes about 10 minutes to make, altogether.

My son has been wanting to eat lunch at school a lot, which makes me super sad because I really love making lunch for him but I understand, he wants to do what all of his friends are doing. I think it’s nice for him to have a hot lunch full of greasy food sometimes too, it is an essential part of childhood.


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