Bento #10

Yummy BLT

Yummy BLT


This bento started out like the above picture and then had to be rearranged because I realized the ranch dressing would probably spill out of the bento cup. I switched the ranch to a cute little piggy sauce container and it all worked out.

Adjusted for less spillage.

Adjusted for less spillage.


So, on the far left you have a Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toasted bread held together with a cute orange bento pick and resting on a bed of cabbage. In the top left corner I used a veggie cutter to cut a cute flower shape in the wax of a baby bell cheese.

In the right hand section on the bottom you have some boiled quails eggs which are great for lunches, much cuter and easier to pack and eat than regular eggs! In the top right hand corner I used a melon baller on some honey dew and used a little bento pick to break up the monotony a bit. To the left of the honey dew  arranged some baby carrots and broccoli around the piggy container that holds the ranch.

A super easy lunch and I got to eat the leftover bacon and quails eggs for breakfast!


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